Let it Glow! 108 Recipes for Radiance

In this poignant and insightful memoir, Pratibha Masand Sachdev offers homage to her grandmother and her culinary skills.  By sharing her life journey, the art of intuitive cooking and the simple science of self-nurture, she encourages us to return to our roots, seeking the answers from the universe within us. She reminds us gently that too often we fail to see the sun that is already lit within our soul, while we seek a lamp from others.


Offering over 108 simple food and skincare recipes for radiance, she talks about her own healing journey, her rediscovery of Ayurveda and how she connected with her inner wisdom, by paying attention to the ebb and flow of her emotions.  An engaging narrative, journey of an ordinary woman who was privileged to have extraordinary experiences and transform her life from a period to exclamation!


As you traverse through these pages your own recipe for good health and radiance awaits you; compound it, be your own pharmacist. Explore and discover the healing light within you and Let It Glow! 



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